A workshop management solution powered by data.

Vehicle Care for you

A workshop service for mechanics that links them to vehicles

Direct link to vehicles 24/7

Have remote access to relevant vehicle data like never before. It is fast, simple, and creates value for your customers.

Important warnings

Be proactive in helping customers when an undesired situation occurs. Be notified of important warnings such as engine light on, battery low, and others.

Service and repair logbook

Track, schedule and be notified when a vehicle is due for service or inspection. Have it always as a backup accessible also by vehicle owners.

Up-to-date maintenance

Make sure that all vehicles are well-maintained and safe to drive. Newer vehicles are being serviced properly and within service intervals to avoid issues with warranty.


Scheduled reports pointing one's attention to important events such as engine light on, upcoming service, and others.

Services for your customers

Bring customers closer to your workshop by giving them a useful tool in their daily life.


For the services to work, a customer needs a device installed in each vehicle or a direct link to a car enabled. The device or car sends data to the different applications granted access to the relevant data. For example, location data is sent to the fleet web dashboard and driver mobile application, while technical data about the condition of the vehicle is shared with the workshop.
A repair shop can expect to see data about the technical condition of each vehicle. For instance, if the engine light is on and what is the fault code that is transmitted. Other parameters are current mileage that is useful for tracking upcoming service maintenance, battery voltage, and others.
There is a set of data, which is a standard for any vehicle. Beyond the standard set of data, OBI+ may give additional information such as warnings about oil, brakes, tire pressure, ABS, and others. However, these depend on the manufacturer, age of a car, specific configuration, and others.
Yes, no matter if you serve business or private customers, you can offer them either fleet management or mobile application once connected.
The company offering the solution is called OBI Plus ApS. OBI+ is a technology company developing a platform for connected car services. The services are launched to market with strong commercial partners with established knowledge about the automotive market. Read more on the "About us" page.

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