Your car's best friend

Safer driving. Convenient experience.

Connected car

Innovative technology delivered in a simple and affordable way.


Car app

A better way to keep track of your car.


Smart link

Peace of mind and minimal effort on car-related tasks

Easy car overview

All car information in your hands. Follow parking, fuel level, and history of service and repairs.

Peace of mind

Have a safer and more reliable car. Follow changes in your car's condition and be advised by your preferred workshop.

Automatic trip logging and categorization

Stop wasting time on keeping track of your trips. All are tracked automatically and all relevant information is available.

Hassle-free service and repair experience

Convenient way to communicate with your workshop anytime you want. Always updated about important events that occur.

How it helps you

Safer and reliable car
No worries in a critical situation
Avoid expensive repairs
Minimal efforts on car tasks
Online dominated experience
Save time

How is our service different?


Service & repair experience
Logbook service

The old way

Service light or engine light on.
The car tells me to do something. I'll do it later.
30 day later. There is something to do about my car.
Time sure flies. Should have left a note.
I should remember to call the workshop
Something should be done.
Checking workshop's available hours. They work until 16:30 ... it's 17:00 now.
Finally something is to be done.
3 days later. I need to call or visit. Might need to take time off from work.
Too much work... wondering why it takes so long.
33+ days later. Car is finally at the shop.

The new way

Service light or engine light on.
The car tells me to do something. My phone will handle it or remind me later.
Your workshop is notified right away
Something should be done.
You don't worry
You are contacted by your workshop with information about it and agree on a convenient time for you to visit.