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Remote vehicle monitoring

Vehicle connectivity is soon to be a requirement for any modern fleet manager, repair shop, roadside assistance, and other service providers.

The remote link to vehicles is a fast, simple and value-adding opportunity to create a better experience for drivers. In today’s online-dominated world, people are increasing expectations towards their service providers. Remove access to vehicle data will be the new normal to which everyone shall adapt.

Preventive maintenance

Schedule and automate all regular maintenance tasks, no matter if it’s about own vehicles or customer vehicles.

By using the OBI+ services, fleet managers can increase efficiency and maximise vehicle update, workshops can be proactive and contact customers at the right time, while drivers should not feel helpless when the service light turns on. OBI+ adds recommended maintenance schedules directly to make daily life better and smarter.

Digital documentation

Store and view any vehicle-related documents in one place. An organised order of events and information such as what, when and who performed service is an important part of the ownership.

Other documents like leasing or insurance agreements come handy when an unexpected situation occurs. Having information in a digital format helps to keep track and make informed decisions as well as sharing internally or with potential buyers.

Digital communication

Use video or chat to communicate better in a number of cases. For instance, when a vehicle needs repair, often the problem is unclear. In such cases the mechanic must investigate the issue and communicate with the owner.

Why not make it easier for the owner to understand by recording a video and sending it seamlessly? Or if as a driver, the issue appears while on the road. Why not having an expert assisting remotely? Access to options for digital communication should be simple and straightforward.

Fleet management

More efficient daily operations for any business operating with vehicles, no matter the size. Fleet management is often mistaken with vehicle tracking. However, tracking is only one of the aspects that could improve operations.

Fleet management combines all tasks of a fleet owner/manager, from selecting the vehicles that fit the operations, operating these on a daily basis, to selling those at some point. Throughout all that time, there is a need to complete mandatory vehicle-related tasks like service and maintenance, fuel management, security, manage responsibilities of employees, tracking usage, and more. Managing the fleet operations should be easier and more convenient.

Green Driving

Vehicle owners should be aware of ways that can help them to improve their driving. Through the use of data, the opportunity for greener driving is more accessible to everyone.

From a driver perspective, there could be ways to reduce fuel consumption or improve driving habits by becoming aware of events as a part of the driving. From a fleet manager perspective, one can improve the overall fleet performance by following average fuel consumption, idling events and vehicle utilization to reduce CO2 emissions.

Customer satisfaction

The primary reasoning for having a car is to get from A to B. It cannot be expected that car owners are experts in how a vehicle functions or what it needs are.

For optimal satisfaction, owners want a safe and reliable vehicle, minimal efforts on car-related tasks, no worries in case of issues, and all that enforced by online-dominated experience. The service provider should be closer to this scenario in order to keep customers satisfied.

EV ownership

Ownership of electric vehicles is new to almost everyone. It has its characteristics and specific needs.

The number of electric vehicles will grow tremendously in the next few years and with that the interest in digital services that make EV ownership more convenient for private owners, businesses or public institutions. Both the EV owners and their service providers would require a new set of tools to help them.

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