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February 13, 2020

Go through the winter maintenance checklist for your fleet

Winter season is extremely harsh on vehicles of all types, and especially on car fleets, as they drive many miles. Without a clear strategy, fleets may be at higher risk of collapsing due to the harsh winter season. There are some basic tips you can follow, no matter what size of fleet you have, that will help your vehicles function optimally over the coming winter.

Always make sure that the vehicles are reviewed in the aspects below before driving on the snowy roads. To make it simpler, you can use a fleet management service, such as OBI +, that makes it easy to keep track of recommendations.

A checklist to keep your fleet running optimally during the winter season:

1. Check tires While some cars choose to have year-round tires, winter tires work better in terms of acceleration, braking, and shortened stopping distance. Whatever the tires, make sure they are in good condition. Make sure worn tires are replaced based on tire pattern. Temperature drops can affect psi, so it is important to check tire pressure regularly.

2. Always stay connected There are many events that cannot be controlled. If a vehicle breaks down or other unexpected problems occur, it is important for fleet administrators to keep in touch with drivers to send immediate assistance when needed.

3. Braking conditions In harsh conditions, it is important that the vehicle has adequate stopping power. Make sure the brakes are in good condition as thin brake pads can crack under low temperatures.

4. Equip your vehicle with emergency equipment Always be prepared for worst-case scenarios by having an emergency kit. This can include things like a flashlight, batteries, wiper, a first aid kit, ice scraper, blanket, gloves and more.

5. Check the battery life The average life of most batteries is 5 years, although it is important to check their condition on an annual basis. At freezing temperatures, battery performance decreases and often five seconds of activation of the starter motor is enough to put the battery completely dead. In the event of damage, it is advisable to replace the battery, as this may cause some defects while driving.

6. Reintroduce driving standards From driver behavior monitoring to predefined safety parameters to individual performance assessments, a fleet management solution helps ensure road safety and minimize the chance of a collision. However, during the winter season, it is necessary to repeat such standards as the maximum speed limit on a normal day would not be appropriate on harsh winter roads. From acceleration level, braking, speed to stopping distance, make sure your safety protocol is revised according to winter conditions. Remember that it is the responsibility of every fleet owner to ensure the safety of his fleet as well as the employees who drive the cars. ⠀⠀ If you have never tried a fleet management service and would like to try the platform for free, you can do so right here. In case of questions, you can always contact us via email or phone.

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