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May 18, 2020

The connected workshop

Connected car technology has been changing and enhancing the whole automotive industry, and auto repair garages are already experiencing these technological changes.

The workshop of the future is connected. The connected workshop can be beneficial in many ways both for the workshop itself and for its customers. Below you can read one of the scenarios how connected car services are integrated into workshops’ work-life and linking customers, their vehicles, and workshops.

Link to each vehicle and customer.

Jens, 40, the owner of the local workshop. He starts every workday from checking his computer reviewing the latest data from the cars and today’s appointments. As an aid in vehicles’ overview, he uses a connected car service that helps him serve customers and be closer to each of them. All the data from connected vehicles and customer details are stored there in one place.


Being closer to a customer.

In the notifications, Jens checks briefly cars’ alerts that the system automatically collected from the connected vehicles. Later on, he reaches out to those vehicle owners who should be aware of any serious issues and suggests fixing it.

Sometimes when he needs to overview a specific car, he can easily search through the number plates details and find the right one on the platform. He has the most relevant information needed for his work. He quickly looks through those that need to have an inspection in the next month.

Jens has found that Maria's car is one from that list. He reviews the main car data on the dashboard panel of the platform and sees that there is an alert notification for a service check soon. On the same platform, he easily reaches her out to inform and agree on a date and time.


Staying informed about the condition of each connected vehicle.

Maria, 32, is a mum of two kids, working from Monday to Friday out of the city and using her car every day to reach the office. She uses her car daily for different purposes and should be always sure of the vehicle’s condition. Of course, having such an active lifestyle, she looks always up for new ways of optimizing her time & budget for unnecessary expenses. For that, she stays in touch with her local workshop, where she does a seasonal car service.

One month before the seasonal check-up, Maria receives a notification in her Driver app, alerting the car’s status. She opens up the application and sees a message from Jens, who let her know of the seasonal check-up and offers her dates for doing that. Great, they have just arranged a meeting through a convenient chat.


Let your customers be on a safe mind

Maria likes this form of connectivity that creates peace of mind. She feels safer and has a more reliable car. Now she can fully concentrate on her primary tasks. Though she can always follow changes in her car's condition as she has all the car information in her hands: parking details, fuel level, history of service and repairs, vehicle condition, and so on.

Being connected to the workshop and knowing that vehicle condition can be checked through a handy app installed on the mobile phone, makes Maria, and other customers like her calm and happy. She knows that there’s always someone by her side, and Jens will reach her out even before any problem will occur.

Link to each vehicle and customer

Maria quite often uses her car for business purposes. Some time ago she used to fill out spreadsheets with travel history details. It had taken a lot of her time and nerves to collect all entries, prepare a report, and request reimbursement for using her car. Now, at the end of the month, she extracts travel history from the app, detailing the total mileage associated with each of her trips. This information is suitable proof that she can provide to her employer.


Creating more value for the customers

Maria is only one example of a happy customer. Just imagine how convenient a similar scenario is for John, who works in a construction company with 20 cars in the fleet. As a connected workshop, you can have access both to private drivers and to a fleet, regardless of its size.

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