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February 9, 2021

How can you improve customer waiting time and repair time in your auto repair shop?

Lately, in 2020 we surveyed 200 Danish car owners and asked them questions that could show some insights and what drivers expect from the repair and maintenance service and customer experience. If you have not read it yet, then you can check it here.

Let's dive more into one of the most important criteria for selecting an auto repair shop - customer waiting time and the reparation time itself.

For 56.6% of the respondents waiting time and repair time is one of the key factors. Among others are a low price, good communication, and customer service.

Improve customer waiting time and repair time at your repair shop.

Let’s look more detailed on how OBI+ connected car services and specifically the Vehicle Care platform can help you in optimizing the waiting and repair time.

  • Master your schedule. Plan it. Use one of the features of the Vehicle Care - scheduled maintenance - that can save you lots of time, as all miles are driven are collected by default. Based on set intervals, you can easily create an overview of future tasks based on the car's mileage. You thus have the opportunity to proactively plan workshop visits for service inspection and maintenance for the customer and ultimately maximize the utility value of the vehicles.

  • With the help of connected car services, you can know that a problem has occurred before a customer gives you even a call. Receive and review important cars' notifications and warnings on the Vehicle Care platform and take a more informed decision when advising a customer.

  • A free and useful tool for your customers. With the use of a practical and free digital tool, you can ensure your customers with a hassle-free and transparent service. An auto repair shop can guide customers through the condition of a car and show what should be done without their physical presence; just by using a smartphone. It can be used for video inspection, digital documentation, and generally for detailed communication with customers. We open a new type of a vehicle profile that is free, and a car has no need to be connected. However, the service still creates value for the customers.

It is easy to get started.

OBI+ connected car service designed both optimizing auto repair shop's time and communication and ensuring customers with security and digital experience. OBI +'s digital tool is designed to help both garages and car owners achieve higher satisfaction with digital services, and it can be used with or without a connected car.

Find more information about our services on the website and find out how you can add value to your workshop by using OBI + in your daily work processes. Getting started is easy. Become our car repair partner today, for free.

Do you have a question? Just write to us in the chat or to our email.

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