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August 9, 2021

OBI+ and Otonomo team up to expand opportunities for a more sustainable fleet management

Sustainability and green driving are front of mind for both businesses and consumers. In certain industries, a clear direction towards sustainable fleet management may lead to improved reputation and even bring a strong competitive advantage.

The focus from fleet management is shifting towards smart and sustainable fleet management.

That is why companies with fleets are continuously looking for solutions that can help not only reduce costs and expenses while simplifying the vehicle-related tasks but can also contribute to their sustainable fleet strategy.

Sustainable fleet management is key to next-generation fleets

What is fleet management in a nutshell?

  • Vehicle procurement
  • Communicating internal policies to employees
  • Utilization / driving
  • Ongoing maintenance and repair
  • De-fleeting

What is sustainable fleet management?

  • Guidelines for vehicle procurement with specifically pre-defined sustainability criteria
  • Objective-driven internal policies with a specific focus on regional/individual performance
  • Measuring and monitoring utilization, tracking progress, and actively supporting drivers in reaching common goals
  • Include service partners in the process of reaching the company’s objectives by sharing access to technical data to receive proactive assistance
  • Use vehicle-specific data profile to decide whether to retain vehicles for a longer period of time due to reduced mileage
  • Estimate the correct fleet size for the company’s operations

Embedded vehicle data as an important part of the sustainable fleet strategy

Embedded vehicle data plays an important role in providing tools to reach these ‘green’ goals. Fleet managers can take advantage of the sheer volume of vehicle-generated data to remotely monitor various aspects of their vehicle's performance in real time, while advancing long-term sustainability goals.

As a leading connected car data provider, Otonomo fuels a data ecosystem of OEMs, fleets, and more than 100 service providers. Their vehicle data platform securely ingests more than 4 billion data points per day from over 40 million global connected vehicles, then reshapes and enriches it, to accelerate time to market for new services that improve the in-and-around car experience.

OBI+ and Otonomo have teamed up to take fleet management to the next level

For OBI+ data-driven digital services, vehicle data is the cornerstone. We've been working with vehicle data for many years, but the real turning point in the future will be broader and more standardized access to built-in vehicle data.

Partnership with a leading vehicle-data provider, Otonomo, opens up new innovative opportunities for the development of digital solutions and fleet management solutions with a focus on sustainability and delivers more value to end customers.

Helping you in developing a sustainable fleet management strategy

Companies with vehicles in their fleets are ambitiously working on defining and implementing their sustainable fleet management. A sustainable fleet management strategy is a win for both the company and society. The company benefits from the improved operational efficiency, reduced costs, and gained competitive advantages, while the society gets supported by the increased road safety, reduced environmental impact, and an ecosystem of vendors and service providers who support sustainability objectives. Are you looking to make your fleet more sustainable and greener?

We can assist you with the tools to help you implement your improved strategy. Contact us to have a conversation about how your business can benefit from it. Our goal is to help you realize the value by reaching your objectives and ensuring your long-term success.

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