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April 23, 2021

Brand re:fresh: New looks, more space to grow! We present the new Vehicle Care, Fleet & Drive identities.

Today we are launching the new OBI+ website as the first step to refreshing the brand. We are very excited to share these brand updates and why we made them.

How we got here

It’s been a little over 4 years since we started the OBI+ journey. Since day 1, we believe in developing digital services that create value for customers. Considering the strong commercial partners we work with, we took somehow for granted that it is enough to deliver the technology and leave all marketing efforts to them. Frankly, it could be. However, we have often been asked to share some of the great experiences that our customers have. We realized that we are sharing stories in a format that had to evolve. Each of the services we offer instantly today has its own identity, its own meaning to the customer. Furthermore, we had to bring the people using our services in focus.

Therefore, we decided to refresh the brand outlook by communicating the individual product stories and give birth to their identities. All of that, with the goal to spread our vision - to enable a safer, better, smarter future by making connected car services accessible for everyone.

The digital world powered by OBI+

Together with our partners, we have always offered more than connected car technology and services. We are empowering innovation and exploring new exciting spaces.

In the recent brand update, we remain true to our approach and underlying ideology of delivering modern, beautiful, and user-friendly software services. Yet, the individual product identity is bringing that to a new level. We are representing the people using each service through personas and photography. Wherever possible, we will be sharing the authentic stories of the customers.

The new Vehicle Care, Fleet & Drive identities:


Vehicle Care provides a digital link to customers and vehicles to ensure the highest service standards. It’s a web-based service for vehicle management that empowers professionals to become better. The change in daily operations driven by vehicle data is inevitable hence all professionals should counter the uncertainty. The new product identity aims to communicate trust, professionalism, and openness.



Fleet is a modern fleet management solution. It is a service suitable for a variety of customer profiles that provides an overview of the vehicles in the easiest way. Any business customer operating with vehicles will have the chance to adopt newer technologies, no matter the size of its fleet. Fleet’s product identity focuses on representing the modern, fresh and accessible service. The new logo and color selection aims to attract everyone to understand the benefits of using a fleet management service for a safer and better future.



Drive is the new service we add to the OBI+ portfolio. It is designed to provide a complete package that enables seamless digital interactions for car owners. It’s a consumer-focused service where the product identity aims to stand out through playfulness and warmth. The color mix gives the freedom to add life by including illustrations and animations. Drive aims to be ‘your car’s best friend’ by packaging innovative connected car technology and new digital experiences. The services work and could be offered both as a standalone service or be seamlessly integrated.


Reflecting the next phase of our journey - direct hardware-free data links

OBI+ provides all needed to launch and scale a connected car service. From plug & play data sources, backend infrastructure, and ready-to-use applications. The goal is to have a complete suite of services provided through a single point of access.

The growing number of connected vehicles means an even higher potential for customer adoption. With the introduction of the new product identities, we are happy to share that all services support direct hardware-free links to major vehicle brands. Connection to millions of connected vehicles through our partner network is already enabled for every single customer and partner eligible for it.

The digital transformation in multiple industries will be happening at a higher rate. The combination of data and digital services are the enablers for faster customer adoption and new digitally-enabled business models. At OBI+, we are excited to lead such digital transformations with our partners and welcome more people to explore the potential for growth and innovation. Check out here and let us know if you want to see the services in action.

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