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February 13, 2020

Fleet management system for companies: practical ways of using it

Fleet management has been a common tool in various industries for many years. However, in many cases the fleet management system has been evaluated just as a form of "monitoring". This line of thinking has long since been overcome. It turns out that when the system is put into service, employees' concerns about monitoring often disappear quickly. In a time when industries are constantly seeking new opportunities to become more efficient, to cope with international competition, it is necessary to be able to respond quickly to all the changes.

GPS-tracking as a benefit for employees

Of course, there will be some employees who are skeptical about fleet management. Therefore, it is important on the part of the company to communicate well the purpose and how the information is used. This will make employees better able to understand the technology and how it exists for them. Even the most skeptical employees will quickly realize the benefits and no longer be dismissive of fleet management.

GPS tracking can be used as a tool to provide support to employees. For example, tracking their driving behavior, working hours dedicated to customers or other more practical ways of using fleet management. All in all, it is therefore there to protect them.

Travel history as an important and practical feature in fleet management

When an employee has been out on a job, it can often take a few weeks before the customer has a look at a bill or has some questions. With the help of history, you can quickly get an overview of the day's trips and when the employee is driven to and from the customer's address. Therefore, the company can at all times document the exact hours spent on the customers, which can facilitate many discussions.

The business is optimized

With a fleet management system, you can create a visual overview of where the fleet vehicles are located. Knowing where the individual vehicle is and who is using it makes scheduling of tasks in the field easier. This can be very useful if you need to use a vehicle at a specific address and therefore need to know which car is closest to the address. This saves time, reduces costs and creates customer satisfaction. Besides, a fleet management system helps to document worksheets, driving time, breaks, etc. properly, saving some time on administrative work.

It happens that only a few employees pay attention to whether the car needs service. A fleet management system that performs this type of task can be very useful. In this way, fleet management allows you to easily keep track of when each vehicle is going to the workshop. OBI+'s fleet management system takes this link to the workshop to another level and offers that one's workshop via remote monitoring can keep track of the condition of the fleet owner's vehicles. As an example, if a failure occurs in a vehicle, the workshop is the first to respond and can directly contact the driver of the car or fleet owner and report the error. This reduces maintenance costs and administrative work.

It is often a long-term investment when investing in fleet management. This investment will earn relatively quickly in the form of large savings when implemented and used to regulate fleet use. Also, fleet management gives more time to focus on one's core services, improve customer service and gain better insight into how the fleet is used.

Here is some useful advice for fleet management system implementation:

  • Raise the question/ discussion at the management level meeting, as well as at a generic one
  • Investigate what people's attitude is
  • As long as you are open and honest and tell why it is in the cars and what is the advantage of it, then like anything else it is a good tool for everyday life
  • You do not need to use the system to check if the employees have a 5-minute lunch break too much, but just use it as a locating tool and as documentation. disputes overtime usage.

In case you have never tried a fleet management system and would like to see how it works for free, then why not do it right here. Just leave your email in the section below and we will reach you back with a product tour, trial version, and consultation if needed. In case of any questions, you are always welcome to contact us by mail or phone.

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