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February 13, 2020

Increase your sales by being a customer-oriented auto repair garage

It’s not a secret that to get a high level of customer satisfaction, you should provide a high level of service. In this article, we underlined for you current trends for auto garages that will help you increase your customer’s level of satisfaction and to be a profitable repair shop.

A checklist with 7 tips to build a customer-oriented auto garage:

Personalized touch

All the little things and especially first impressions count. Make sure everyone in your garage greets customers with a smile and makes them feel welcome. Is the waiting area in your garage clean and tidy? Do you have customer testimonials or professional certificates on the wall to give them confidence in the skills of your team? Sometimes, it’s the little touches that count, and they go a long way. Think about all the different ways you can really welcome your customers so that they want to come back to your garage time and time again. Think about ways you can go the ‘extra mile’ for your customers. Adding value to your services need not cost a lot, and you will reap the rewards many times over.

Easy and proactive communication Contact customers at the right time. When is the right time? Having connected car services like OBI+, will simplify this task for you. You will be informed when a problem occurs before the customer calls you, so you can make a more informed decision when consulting a customer.

Important warnings Know the problem of the customer before he even came to you. With a Vehicle Care you can stay always informed on the condition of each connected vehicle and be closer to each customer.

Fast and efficient service. Be proactive in helping customers when an unwanted situation arises. Be notified of important alerts such as engine light, low battery and other.

Loyalty schemes Customer loyalty schemes and incentives are a great way of using your customers to help promote your business. Offer discounts or vouchers for each friend they refer to. For loyal customers who regularly have their vehicles serviced with you, why not introduce an incentive scheme?

Price Be open and honest about your pricing structure. This will gain trust and help to dispel the myths in the industry that workshops are out to rip customers off.

Right partnerships The last, but not least advice is to partner with an industry leader that can bring you either new customers, either new solutions to grow your business. In OBI+ we believe in partner relationships, and we have created an ideal work form in which workshops can get exclusive benefits for themselves and their customers. We provide workshops with free access to Vehicle Care services where they can easily overview customer’s vehicles and communicate with them. In addition to making OBI + life easier for fleet owners, we also offer a unique service to mechanics as letter administrations worked. Hundreds of workshops already use Vehicle Care services.

We hope you got some useful advice and information that can help make your workshop more customer-oriented. Learn more about our Vehicle Care service for workshops and benefit from it right away.

If you still have some questions or ideas worth sharing you would like to share with us, you can always leave us a message.

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