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February 9, 2021

What influences customers when choosing a car maintenance service provider

As an auto repair garage, you have probably thought about what influences the customer choice and decision-making process while selecting a car maintenance service provider.

That is why this year why this year OBI+ connected car services made a survey among Danish car drivers and owners and asked them questions that can show the insights of the car aftersales industry that we would like to share with you.

Who as not car owners can open eyes on the key points, problems, or solutions, that can be the industry's further development direction.

6 factors influencing the customer choice of auto repair shops in Denmark

Based on the survey results we can identify the main service attributes and factors that determine and drive customer choice. Out of more than 200 Danish car owners asked, here are the results of what they value when picking a repair shop.

Good customer service

Not surprising, but for 71.5% of respondents good customer service stays in the first place.

If you’re interested in how to add additional mile to your customer service and become more customer-oriented, find 7 practical tips on how to improve it here.

Customer wait time & the repair time

In times of the fast pace, many customers are preferably selecting a repair shop promising to service the car within a few days. For more than 55% of our respondents, this aspect is valuable. But what are the ways for a garage to influence the preparation time? There are different ways to delight customers, while they have to wait for a few days, like providing them with a replaced car. Why not improve it by structuring the garage's organizational time and adding digital services, that can eventually help you optimize your work.

Good communication

Not surprisingly, communication is important for 54% of the car owners who participated in our survey. Good communication provided gives more security, trust & support to the customer. They’re different ways of keeping your communication with customers: phone call, email, chat on the website, or maybe through a free digital tool provided by OBI+. The workshop will thus always be able to be at the forefront and be the first to communicate with the customer. As a result - more loyal customers.

Low price

Price has always been one of the main factors for making a choice. Almost 50% of the respondents pay attention to it. Although the final cost for the servicing depends on how much a customer takes care of it. One thing is when a customer not following the important warnings from the car, forgets to make an appointment, and gives the last chance for a car to self-recover. And a different thing is when a customer keeps track of the important warnings, has a digital tool that can guide him through the car's health, and help to make a decision right away, hence preventing high expenses on maintenance.

Distance from an auto repair shop

Not the last importance is the distance of the auto repair shop from the customer. And about 43% of our respondents it’s one of the main points. Physically garages can’t influence that decision making choice, although they can offer a free digital tool, for example, that could optimize speed and time spent on service.

Positive online presence

Some of the respondents make their decision based on the rating and information available online. As an auto-garage, you can make sure to be present online, and present all the information, so the customer can find you.

What can help you to obtain new customers with similar influencing factors?

How can you influence customer choice? If we’re talking about the indirect way, you can always gain customer loyalty, increase customer service, and retention by offering up-to-date digital service. Here’re some ideas on how OBI+ connected car services can help you with it.

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