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Who are we?
OBI+ is a tech company providing an application platform for connected car services. In its core, OBI+ is driven by a great team of engineers, designers, marketeers with a mission to empower innovation through a suite of services built to enable personalized digital experiences for every car driver, fleet operator, mechanic, and any other service provider who recognizes the potential for safer, better, smarter future powered by data.

For a safer, better, smarter future powered by data.

Our vision
Our vision is to be the leading provider of connected car services. Thus, we will progressively be adding integrations to new smart platforms, applications, and other software services. Our commitment is to continuously add capabilities to the OBI+ platform over time and connect the leading technology of tomorrow.

The digital world powered by OBI+

Next generation of connected car services in one place. Welcome to a world of digital touchpoints that create value, deliver insights and enable growth.

Commercial partners

We are here for those who refuse to settle, who believe in the future of connected mobility. Because today's world deserves a partner that is able to adapt fast, recognizes the needs of different types of vehicle users, and is ready to push into new exciting spaces.
Repair shop concepts
Au2parts - au2cloud
Repair shop concepts
FTZ - FTZ telematik
Serviced fleet management
P.S. Automotive - Roadfox
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We are already supporting a variety of commercial use cases and we continue to search for new ideas and concepts that drive better digital experiences. Let us know what you want to do.
Remote vehicle management
Usage-based services fueled by car data
Innovative on-demand car-related services
Unique driver assistant services
Smart location-based services

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